We are here to help! Always feel free to give us a call. We can walk you through tips and assist in understanding our reservation process 415-440-liho. We pride ourselves on trying to accommodate each guest the very best we can – we want you to join us!


Future waitlist (“notify me”): Our “notify me” feature is a great recourse in securing future reservations. It’s an online waitlist. To use, please book a desired reservation. If the day/time is not available please click on “notify me”. If the reservation becomes available you will receive a text message, allowing you 15 mins to claim the reservation prior to passing it on to the next guest in the queue.


Day of walk-in: We save about a third of our restaurant for walk-ins all night, every night! This includes our bar which is always open seating. We serve our full menu at our bar. If you are joining us as a day-of walk-in we recommend arriving during off-peak hours; these times can vary – suggestions based on an average week:

  • Monday – Thursday: before 6pm and after 9pm
  • Friday & Saturday: at 5pm and after 10pm (some Saturdays we have a line by 5pm)

If a walk-in table is unavailable we will add you to our in-person waitlist. We will give you an approximate quote and text as your table is nearing ready. If you’re open to first come, first served bar seating this may allow us to serve you sooner!


If you have a late night reservation with us… 
We kindly ask you not join us as an early walk-in. This blocks other guests who want to book the late night reservation they desire. If you plan on arriving earlier than your reserved time, please cancel your reservation and join us as a walk-in. We will do our best to accommodate you.